How to install q32 crawler shot blasting machine smoothly


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How to install q32 crawler shot blasting machine smoothly

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Q32 series crawler shot blasting machine is a very important equipment in the shot blasting machine, the market use is very large, how to install smoothly, please see the analysis.

Installation steps:

1. Q32 series crawler shot blasting machine has no pit shape, and can be installed after checking the horizontal and vertical horizontal plane with a level before installation.

2. Before leaving the factory, the cleaning chamber, shot blasting device and other parts have been assembled into one. When the whole machine is installed, the hoist and the hoist on the cleaning room are fastened with bolts according to figure 1. When installing the bucket elevator, attention should be paid to adjusting the bearing seat of the upper driving belt pulley to keep it horizontal so as to avoid belt deviation. Then add the serial number one Fasten the upper part of separator with bolts.

3. Install the shot supply on the separator, insert the shot recycling pipe into the steel pipe at the back of the cleaning room, and connect all pipelines according to the dust removal system diagram. The separated waste can be disposed by the user.

4. The installation drawing of separator. When the separator works normally, there should be no gap in the projectile flow curtain. If the full curtain cannot be formed, the serial number should be adjusted one (heavy hammer) until full curtain is formed to obtain good separation effect. Large pieces of material after screening should be removed regularly.

5. The elevator belt is connected by holes provided by users.

Debugging steps:

1. Before the test rotation, you must be familiar with the relevant provisions in the operation manual, and have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and performance of the equipment.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the lubrication of the machine meets the requirements.

The belt motor should be installed correctly, and the belt running should be correct.

4. Check whether the no-load current of each motor, bearing temperature rise, reducer and shot blaster are in normal operation. If any problem is found, find out the cause in time and adjust it.

5. If there is no problem with single action, the dust remover, elevator, drum forward rotation and shot blasting machine can be started in turn for idle running test, and the idle running time is one Hours.

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