General principles for users to choose shot blasting machine


General principles for users to choose shot blasting machine

8:28:15, 2019-28:

The characteristics and application scope of various shot blasting cleaning equipment are different, so how to choose the appropriate shot blasting machine?

As an earlier enterprise engaged in the production of shot blasting machines in Qingdao, oulide summarized the following general principles for selecting shot blasting machines:

1. Casting characteristics (size, quality, shape and material, etc.), production properties (batch size, variety) and use requirements are the main basis for selecting cleaning methods and equipment.

two The determination of cleaning method and equipment should be combined with the production process of the previous process. The shot blasting machine with good collapsing performance and easy sand falling should be used as far as possible.

three On the premise that both dry cleaning and wet cleaning are met, the dry cleaning without sewage treatment is adopted. In the dry method, high efficiency and low energy consumption of shot blasting cleaning are considered first. For castings on the surface and inner cavity of clothing, the casting size and production batch size are selected.

four Electro hydraulic sand cleaning can be used for investment castings which are difficult to be shaken by a shaker and castings with complex inner cavity and difficult to core removal. For castings with complex and narrow inner cavities and high cleanliness requirements, electrochemical cleaning should be used.

five For multi variety and small batch production occasions, the cleaning equipment with strong adaptability to casting size or equipped with two kinds of transport devices shall be selected. For small varieties and large quantities of production occasions, choose funny or special shot blasting cleaning machine.

In fact, many users can directly communicate with the shot blasting machine manufacturers, especially some enterprises with rich production experience and good reputation. They can at least provide you with a reasonable cleaning scheme according to your needs, regardless of the price. Of course, they will also tell you what kind of shot blasting machines to choose, including hook type, mobile type, and so on Or through type or special type shot blasting machine.

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