Working principle of shot blasting machine


Working principle of shot blasting machine

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Shot blasting process of shot blasting machine:

Motor three Driving impeller seven , pill wheel five , in order to 2250-2600r/min Speed rotation. The projectile is fed by the feeding tube four Enter the pill wheel five After stirring, a certain kinetic energy is obtained from the directional sleeve six Enter impeller seven Medium acceleration, casting to casting surface. The projectile is a loose mass, and there is no viscosity between the particles. The trajectory of each projectile is very different.

Schematic diagram of shot blasting:

 Working diagram of shot blasting

Shot blasting process:

1,  After the projectile enters the dividing wheel, it moves in a circle. Due to the centrifugal effect, the projectiles slide into the inner circumference of the directional sleeve and form a pile between the outer ends of the splitter blades.

2,  When the projectile turns to the window of the directional sleeve, the directional sleeve loses its binding effect, and the projectile leaves the splitter blade and flies out in a certain direction.

3,  After the flying projectile and the blade meet, the direction of motion changes. It makes circular motion with the blade, and makes relative movement along the blade under the centrifugal action until it leaves the blade.

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